Backstage Update On Damon Kemp's Pending Departure From WWE

While Gable Steveson found himself let go from WWE in early May, his brother, Damon Kemp, seemed destined to remain in WWE, continuing on as a member of the No Quarter Catch Crew. That changed yesterday, however, when Kemp announced that he too would be departing WWE, and would begin taking independent bookings in a month's time.


In a subscriber exclusive, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided more information on Kemp's departure, revealing that Kemp wasn't released, but that WWE had declined to renew his contract. Said contract will expire on August 13, the same day Kemp provided for when he could take bookings. It appears the news wasn't something expected from Kemp's side, as he was only informed of WWE's decision this week.

The move surprised some within WWE, and Meltzer noted that many in the promotion had praised Kemp for both his work ethic and his performances. However, Meltzer believes there were signs that Kemp's days were numbered, as "NXT" began doing a storyline with the No Quarter Catch Crew that saw Kemp slowly being replaced by Tavion Heights. Though tension had been teased and Heights did defeat Kemp in his final "NXT" match two weeks ago, there was no formal breakup angle kicking Kemp out of the group.


Even with the timing of Kemp's contract not being renewed comes so close to Steveson's release, nothing was said about the two departures being connected. It's also unclear how much interest Kemp will generate from the open market next month, with Meltzer indicating it wouldn't be shocking if Kemp's market was initially small, though he expects a promotion out there to give him a look.