Video: WWE's Dominik Mysterio Uses Ex-US President To Explain Things To Rhea Ripley

WWE Women's World Champion Liv Morgan has been aggressively pursuing Dominik Mysterio over the past few months in the wake of Rhea Ripley's injury. Over the past few weeks, Morgan's pursuit of Mysterio has grown more and more aggressive, and with her win during last night's "WWE RAW," things grew even more heated, but this time Ripley caught the two in the act in front of an audience of witnesses. Ripley mostly ignored the fleeing Morgan and went straight to Mysterio, who she seemingly threatened. Fast forward to today, and it seems like "Dirty Dom" is in the doghouse. Taking to social media, the star shared the infamous clip of former US President Bill Clinton denying the highly publicized affair he had while still in office.


It's safe to say that this will likely only intensify the feud between Ripley and Morgan, as "The Nightmare" had to watch things unfold for months while recovering from her injury. A few fans have jokingly suggested that Ripley and Morgan might end up competing for the "custody" of Dominik in a Ladder Match like his father Rey Mysterio and the late Eddie Guerrero did back in 2005. 

Either way, the storyline might end up more complicated than that, as Morgan's pursuit of Mysterio wasn't the only thing happening in Ripley's absence. The Women's World Champion additionally tried to cozy up to the rest of Judgment Day, and even helped Finn Balor and JD McDonagh retain the World Tag Team Championship. Only Damian Priest seemed to be doing anything to keep Morgan away, so all this might lead to a civil war within the faction as well.