Former WWE Booker Vince Russo Says This Star Is Booked Poorly, Suggests Why

Vince Russo believes that WWE star Natalya has been booked poorly during the last several years of her wrestling career, and believes she deserves more respect due to the legacy behind her family name. Natalya's WWE status has been up in the air since April. Her contract is set to expire this summer, which has created uncertainty behind her level of interest in remaining with the company. There's also been speculation that Natalya could be interested in AEW, with current TBS Champion Mercedes Mone previously claiming that she'd love to wrestle the former WWE Women's Champion again. 


Speaking on "Sportskeeda WrestleBinge," Russo claimed the reason for Natalya's poor booking is due to her lack of ability to advocate for herself, and she should be given more credit for being part of the Hart family in the industry. "She doesn't stand up for herself, she doesn't remind them who she is and what her legacy is. Natalya should not be 'yes sir,' 'no sir.' She's royalty in the business, she's paid her dues, she's been around for a very, very long time and she deserves that respect." 

Natalya has spent most of her time in 2024 wrestling both on the main roster and on "WWE NXT," and she's had the opportunity to fight many wrestlers that she's never competed against before, such as Lola Vice and Izzi Dame. 


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