Nick Gage Thinks Recent AEW Barbed Wire Match 'Sucked'

Nick Gage has revealed his honest thoughts about the recent Barbed Wire Everywhere Death Match on AEW. Gage said that he absolutely loves deathmatch wrestling. He said that he is fascinated with the idea of a wrestler getting to a point of asking themselves whether or not you're going to quit or keep fighting and that was what made him fall in love with the style. "It's passion, and I love it," Gage said while speaking with "Rewind, Recap, Relive." "I feel like I'm the king, I'm the God of this, so I want to back that up, so I will face anybody, anywhere, anytime. I love that 'me vs. another man,' and who can take the most pain."

Gage has been wrestling since 1999. He began as part of CZW and wrestled a variety of hardcore death matches. He remained with the promotion on and off until 2015 before he signed with GCW, a promotion primarily known for their death matches. He would make a surprise appearance in AEW late last year as one of the Five Labors of Jericho. In between his stints with CZW, Gage was arrested twice. The first being in 2005 after being found guilty of being in possession of stolen property where he would ultimately pay a fine. The second being in 2010 after being convicted for second degree robbery. He would remain imprisoned until November of 2016. 

Why Did Gage Think That The Barbed Wire Everywhere Death Match Wasn't Good?

Gage was straightforward and said he thought Jericho's match against Eddie Kingston at Fyter Fest: Night Three a few weeks ago sucked because it didn't look real enough. "You get in a deathmatch, and you start rolling in that glass — and I'm talking about real glass. I'm not talking about that AEW fake glass. I'm not talking about the fake barbed wire they use. I'm talking about GCW real stuff where the barbed wire is real, where the glass is real, and it starts cutting you up."

Gage has promised to put deathmatch wrestling back on the map. He said that he wanted to make it an art form and feels as if he's already done that. He says that in his opinion, deathmatch wrestlers are wrestlers these days because they are allowed to be creative and technical. He also said that not only can deathmatch wrestlers thrive in style, but they can have just as good one-on-one matches.

Gage also mentioned that he thought his match with Chris Jericho during the Fight For The Fallen event on July 29, 2021 was great. He said he was ultimately a fan of Jericho, and then revealed that he'll be part of the Jericho Cruise in 2023, doing meet and greets with fans.

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