Will There Be A WWE 2K23?

Take-Two Interactive released its First Quarter earnings and there's an aspect that wrestling gamers will find interesting to note.

In the report, there's a "future line-up" section and on the docket for the fiscal year of 2023 is indeed WWE 2K23. The "fiscal year" doesn't mean that fans will have to wait until 2023 to receive the next rendition in the WWE 2K series as the federal government designates the start of "fiscal 2023" on October 1, 2022. With that in mind, WWE did play a little bit of catch-up this year as WWE 2K22 wasn't released until March. In the past, the 2K titles have been released a considerable amount of time before the Christmas holiday, but the expectations were high for the release of WWE 2K22 considering a year was taken off and the reviews for WWE 2K20 were absolutely abysmal, prompting the publisher to take a year off and regroup.

WWE Games went back to the drawing board to rework and simplify their gameplay mechanics to make the game more accessible. 2K22 also reintroduced the ever-popular GM mode to the WWE franchise and welcomed a feature called "MyFaction" which allows users to create a dream faction of wrestlers to rival legendary ones like the NWO and Degeneration-X.

Before WWE 2K22 was released, a report from Fightful stated that WWE was rumored to be having talks with EA in regards to making a new publishing partnership. According to the report, WWE was frustrated with the relationship it had with Take-Two, and 2022 was considered a "make or break year" for Take-Two and 2K. However, the reception to WWE 2K22 has been positive overall and the new quarterly report indicates that all is copacetic between WWE and Take-Two. WWE will have pro wrestling game competition later this year as the first AEW game, "AEW: Fight Forever," is set to be released.