Mick Foley On What He Loved And Hated About Vince McMahon's Booking

Up until very recently, Vince McMahon was the CEO and Chairman of the Board for WWE. However, his responsibilities in the company would not end there. McMahon also took on the role of head of creative, meaning that the former WWE Champion would have the final say when it came down to any specific creative decision being made.

Following multiple allegations against McMahon in June, Vince stepped down from his CEO and Chairman of the Board position, and Vince's daughter Stephanie McMahon took over as interim CEO and the first-ever Chairwoman. More allegations came about and on July 22nd, Vince announced his retirement from professional wrestling, and in doing so, Stephanie and Nick Khan became co-CEOs while 14-time World Champion Triple H became the new head of creative for the company.

Vince was over the creative aspects of WWE for about 40 years, making Hollywood stars and memorable moments. However, there were tropes that became famous under the Vince that some may not have been a fan of. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley weighed in on his podcast.

Mick Foley had issues with hometown losses

"There is a part of Vince that genuinely likes to make dreams come true," Foley said on "Foley is Pod." "He likes to do that for his audience. I think you could argue that he puts them through an unnecessary ringer sometimes, you know? Like I'm not a fan of having people lose and get embarrassed in their hometowns. I guess he thinks, you know, it's good heat. I would rather have seen, you know, Charlotte [Flair] go over in Charlotte and Sasha [Banks] go over in Boston instead of vice versa."

In 2016, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks were in an intense game of hot potato with the "Raw" Women's Championship, trading it back and forth six times between July and December of that year. Flair defeated Banks for the title in Banks hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, for the title at Hell in a Cell 2016. Not even a month later, Banks won the title back in Flair's hometown — Charlotte, North Carolina — on the November 28th edition of "Monday Night Raw" in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

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