Bobby Lashley Has Some Advice For Theory Ahead Of WWE SummerSlam

Bobby Lashley will take on Theory for the second straight PLE in a row tomorrow, this time at WWE SummerSlam. Heading into the match, the Almighty has some advice for his opponent if he truly does want to cash in his contract for a world championship.

"This is the best opportunity for him to try to get it, is this weekend," Lashley said in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman. "He might make the mistake of trying to beat me, because if he tries to beat me and I beat him up too bad that he can't walk for the rest of the night, then he has no opportunity . So I think a good strategy for him is to lay down as quick as possible in our match and wait for [Lesnar and Reigns] to beat each other up.

"It's a Last Man Standing, and I believe, the way those two are going to fight, neither one of them are going to be able to get up after that match, so it would be a perfect chance to cash it in."

Theory and Lashley met at the last PLE, Money in the Bank, which saw Lashley defeat Theory for the United States Championship to the delight of the Las Vegas crowd. Theory would not be done for the night, however, as right before the men's Money in the Bank ladder match was set to begin, Adam Pearce announced that there would be an eighth man in the match, with that man being Theory. Theory wouldn't lose twice, as the former youngest United States Champion became the youngest Mr. Money in the Bank.

Lashley also revealed to Hausman whether or not he would actually just let Theory lie down for the pin, allowing him an extremely easy victory reminiscent of the infamous "Finger Poke of Doom" from WCW, when Hulk Hogan defeated Kevin Nash on an episode of "Monday Nitro" in 1999.

"If he does, I'm going to pick him up and beat him up and then I'm gonna put him back down again," Lashley said. "Look, you're taking this ass whooping. I've been working too hard these last few weeks for him to just fall down and get pinned. I know it's a good strategy, but if he does it, I will pick him back up and I will beat his ass and make him pay for all the stuff that he's been doing the last few weeks. And then I'll let him go."

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