Santos Escobar Thanks NXT As WWE Main Event Call-Up Speculation Swirls

Santos Escobar is very likely main roster bound. The "WWE NXT" stalwart lost to Tony D'Angelo last night at "NXT Heatwave," per the match stipulation, and the former Legado Del Fantasma leader was forced to leave the brand. On Wednesday morning, Escobar took to Twitter to seemingly bid farewell to Tuesday nights.

"Thank you NXT," Escobar shared simply on social media.

Escobar teased a potential move up to the main roster at the WrestleMania 39 launch party earlier this month, and it wasn't his first. He had previously teased an appearance on "WWE Raw" the night after WWE SummerSlam, fueling speculation that he would be joining the "Raw" roster as part of the new creative regime of Paul "Triple H" Levesque. While his elevation to the main roster has yet to be confirmed, all signs point to Escobar's imminent arrival.

Had Escobar won the street fight at "Heatwave," his stablemates in Legado Del Fantasma would be free from the clutches of the D'Angelo Family, which they were forced to join after losing a "Turf War" at "NXT" In Your House. Despite this forced alliance, tension between the two groups continued to grow, culminating in D'Angelo "taking out" Escobar, until Escobar returned to cost the Family the "NXT" Tag Team Championship, a move that led to their final encounter. The street fight, which including plenty of plunder, reached its crescendo when the two combatants simultaneously went for signature weapons — Escobar for his brass knuckles, D'Angelo for his crowbar. Just barely, D'Angelo managed to connect first, pinning Escobar for the victory and eliminating him from "NXT."