Ciampa Discusses WWE's 'Whirlwind' Transition From Vince McMahon To Triple H

As the fallout of Vince McMahon's retirement from WWE continues, the new regime of co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, with Paul "Triple H" Levesque by their side as head of creative, have stepped up by shaking up the televised product with returning superstars, fresh talent, easter eggs in the backgrounds of segments, and other new elements. One WWE star, Ciampa, has already spent several years of his career working with Levesque on the "NXT" brand, and has already seen his star begin to rise under the company's new management, a change he describes as "a whirlwind."

"I'm already like, 'I wonder what I'll do next SummerSlam?" Ciampa said on the Out of Character podcast. "I wonder if I'll main event it in two years.'"

The two-time "NXT" Champion has a positive outlook on where WWE is headed, especially with someone so close to him leading the narrative direction, but his perspective before the big change-up could be considered surprising.

"I have a good relationship with [Levesque] and Steph," Ciampa said. "Their energy, being around them, it's very positive, but I was also very much enjoying my time with Vince ... He was giving me great feedback, and I was really happy with how things were developing. And I'm still excited for it. To me, so little has changed."

This past week on "WWE Raw," Ciampa and the man who took him under his wing upon his arrival on the main roster, The Miz, teamed up to defeat the makeshift team of Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander. They also appeared later in the night to interfere in the United States Championship match between Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles, keeping Ciampa close to the title he's vowed to capture.