Athena Names The Pokemon She Would Like To Cosplay As With Custom Ring Attire

It's no secret that AEW star Athena is a fangirl at heart and is part of a variety of different fandoms, including Pokemon. She has now revealed which Pokemon character she would be interested in doing cosplay for.

"Someone mentioned Cubone," Athena stated while speaking with "A Wild Podcast Has Appeared". "I was like, 'Oooo' because I have a mask now just sitting in the back and I'm like, 'What if I do Cubone?'"

Athena said that she wants to choose a character that is mainstream enough and from the original crew so that people get it. She feels that Cubone is well-known enough that she can achieve that. She also mentioned that she would love to do a Pikachu cosplay, but has already seen Kylie Rae do that and doesn't want to do something that has already been done.

"I'm assuming she's super into Pokemon because I've seen her do Jiggly Puff and Pikachu and Bulbasaur. I've only met her once and she's really awesome in person."

Athena stated that she hasn't been able to do cosplay in quite some time due to the pandemic and the inability to attend conventions. She stated that during her stint with WWE, they were able to do gear inspired by various characters but not outright cosplay because of copyright issues. She also added that the character she was portraying at the time didn't allow for her to do so, as it wouldn't make any sense.

Does Athena Have Any Other Cosplay She Wants To Do?

Athena revealed that she has some gear in the works right now, but is not able to reveal exactly what it is just yet.

"I've been working on this for almost two or three months now. I've been working on this thing for almost two weeks now, the one thing that I'm talking about. The rest of it is done."

Athena also mentioned that as she is still getting to know people in the AEW locker room, she hopes that new avenues will be opened up once the topic of Pokemon comes up.

Athena worked for WWE from 2015 until 2021 under the name Ember Moon. She won the "NXT" Women's Championship in 2016 and held it for 140 days. She was moved up to the main roster and debuted on "Raw" after WrestleMania 34. She made her return to "NXT" in late 2020 before being released from the company in 2021. She made her debut in AEW during this year's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view after the TBS Championship match between Jade Cargill and Anna Jay. Athena remains entangled in a feud with Cargill and her stable, The Baddies.

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