Matt Hardy Names AEW Talent He'd Like To Work With

Even though Matt Hardy is closer to the end of his career than the beginning, he still has several matches he'd like to check off his bucket list. During a Q&A episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the AEW star talked about which opponents he'd most like to face, including the very nice, very evil Danhausen.

"I would love to do that," Hardy said. "At some point, we will definitely get a 'Broken' Matt Hardy and Danhausen tag team. That would be a lot of fun. I'm a fan of his work, and I love how committed he is to the bit, how committed he is to the character. And he's never broken out of that character on a large scene, so people still buy into it, which is so great ... I would love to see a Brokenhausen at some point."

Later, Hardy was asked what AEW star would present him the most rewarding, yet grueling, match.

"Bryan Danielson," Hardy replied. "I interacted with him some back in the WWE NXT days, when I was the pro and he was the rookie or whatever. But now that he's here and a huge star... and he kicks the s*** out of people."

Of course, Hardy is best known as a tag team wrestler, and another of his dream opponents involves a legendary tag team that has never appeared in AEW.

"I would love to have a match against the Motor City Machine Guns," Hardy said. "Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are super talented, and they really made a mark as a tag team. They were one of the innovative tag teams when the size and style was kind of changing in the mid/early 2000s. So I'd love to have that match. Will it happen? I don't know, but I'd love it."

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