Matt Hardy On Why He Chose To Sign With AEW Over WWE

AEW star Matt Hardy did a Q&A on his latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast and talked about why he decided to sign with AEW in 2020 over WWE. The key, according to Matt Hardy, was him wanting to continue to wrestle, while Vince wanted him to transition into an offscreen role.

"I know in Vince's head, he saw me being a producer already and that's where he was," Hardy said. "He was going to use my mental abilities to help produce matches or be an agent or whatever. And I just still wanted to wrestle the last few years that I could, so that was the opportunity that is allotted to me at AEW. So that's why I chose AEW."

Matt Hardy did admit however that his time as a wrestler was winding down, and that it was almost time to transition to other things. That has led to him wanting to share more secrets of the wrestling trade with fans, hence the start of the podcast.

"I am obviously getting towards the end of my in-ring career and I'm at that point I think where I make the transition into podcasting and doing other things and I think it's almost time for me," Hardy said. "Especially things that are 20-25 years old. I want to try and share all my secrets with the wrestling fans."

While Matt Hardy admitted he was close to the end of his career, he doesn't have an end date in mind. That, Hardy says, is something he is going to play by ear.

"No, I don't," Hardy said when asked if he had a retirement date. "I literally am just playing it by ear. Maybe that's a southern expression, but I am just feeling it as I go. And I'm going to see how my body holds up. That's more or less what it comes down to."

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