Shawn Michaels Addresses WWE NXT UK's Upcoming 'Pseudo-Final Event'

As noted, "WWE NXT UK" is officially in transition mode and will re-launch as "NXT Europe" sometime in 2023. WWE's Vice President of Talent Development, Shawn Michaels, had a significant role in "NXT UK" from the get-go. Though a long list "NXT UK" of stars have just been released from the promotion ahead of the changeover, Michaels is more focused on the growth of the brand and its climactic finale. "It's sort of a pseudo-final event for NXT UK at Worlds Collide ... A lot of things we have talked about in the past, now they're finally happening, and this talent's going to have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of all their hard work," Michaels told Metro News.

The WWE Hall of Famer says that the name "NXT UK" minimizes their intention to expand all over Europe, and since they want to continue presenting WWE as a "global entity," they need to develop further. "NXT UK has so much European talent as it is, so it's only fitting we grow that brand to cover Europe," Michaels added.

Throughout "NXT UK," standout talents like WALTER, now known as Gunther on the main roster, Pete Dunne, now recognized as Butch, Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, and others, laid the foundation for their continued success. Going forward, the "Heartbreak Kid" is looking for more opportunities to find similar gems and elevate them. "Being able to help them and be part of that process is really one of the most enjoyable things I've ever gotten to do in my entire life," Michaels said. Since Michaels gave this interview prior to the announcement of 20-plus "NXT UK" wrestlers getting released, it remains to be seen whether WWE plans to bring all or most of them back into the fold for the launch of "NXT Europe."