WWE Hall Of Famer Unconvinced Vince McMahon Is Fully Out Of Power At WWE

Following Vince McMahon's resignation, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have become Co-CEOs and Paul "Triple H" Levesque has taken over creative. As noted, the former WWE CEO announced his retirement on July 22, in the wake of an investigation into a series of hush money payments to former female employees to silence their potential accusations of harassment, misconduct, and abuse against McMahon and former Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. During an exclusive interview with PWMania.com, wrestling legend Tito Santana shared his thoughts about Vince McMahon stepping aside. 

"I just do not believe that he is not involved somehow," Santana said.

Santana isn't the only WWE Hall of Famer who doesn't believe that McMahon has actually retired. Earlier this month, Kurt Angle was on the Cafe de Rene podcast and stated, "I personally don't think he's fully retired. You know Vince, he's gonna be behind-the-scenes [laughs]. Vince is not letting go of that company, he will not let it go until his hands are dead cold and they pry it out of his cold, dead hands. He's not letting go of that company until he dies. And that's just it." 

Santana began his pro-wrestling career in 1977 and made his WWE debut in 1979. He left WWE in 1980 to go to AWA but later returned in 1983. His second WWE run lasted until 1993. Santana held the WWE Intercontinental Championship, was a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and feuded with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine during his WWE career. Santana was also the 1989 King of the Ring winner and was inducted into the 2004 WWE Hall of Fame by Shawn Michaels.