Nick Gage Reveals Tony Khan's Reaction To Infamous AEW Deathmatch Domino's Commercial

Nick Gage is a deathmatch legend and has been a notorious figure in independent wrestling for over two decades. Despite this, he just got his first chance to compete on national television last year at AEW Fight For the Fallen 2021 against Chris Jericho. Deemed the Second Labour of Jericho by MJF, Gage brought his deathmatch style to TNT, infamously utilizing a pizza cutter on Jericho just before a Domino's Pizza commercial aired, reportedly causing some tension between AEW and the pizza company.

In a recent interview with Rewind Recap Relive, Gage got the chance to talk about his television debut along with the controversies surrounding the Domino's commercial. Gage first dispelled the misconception that AEW was the biggest live crowd he's wrestled in, referencing his time in Japan as drawing a bigger crowd than that fabled episode of "AEW Dynamite." Gage did, however, highlight his treatment from the AEW roster for his one-off appearance. "I pretty much knew everyone in the locker room ... Everyone was cool as hell in that locker room."

Gage was quick to talk about the positive experience he had with the AEW CEO, "After the match [with Jericho], Tony Khan got out of his chair and ... went around and high-fived me and gave me a hug and thanked me." Then, when the Domino's Pizza commercial came up, Gage said that Khan vehemently insisted that nobody say anything about it, which Gage initially agreed to, though he did eventually jokingly tweet about the incident a few days later. Gage himself found the entire situation hilarious, saying, "I'm carving Jericho up, making him a bloody mess, and here comes a Domino's Pizza commercial," as he shared a laugh with the hosts about the messy situation.