Kurt Angle Recalls Gross In-Ring WWE Moment With The Rock

Following the Monday Night Wars, WWE purchased WCW in 2001. But rather than phasing the promotion out entirely, the acquisition sparked the Invasion storyline that saw WCW and ECW talent face off against the then-WWF superstars. Although this was a rollercoaster of a time — as both a commercial success and a critical disappointment — plenty of iconic moments came out of that period, including many involving Kurt Angle. Who could forget the time our Olympic Hero drove a milk truck to the ring on "Monday Night Raw" to make sure the Alliance got their daily dose of calcium? But one milk-fueled celebration a few weeks later ended up being a bit more disgusting than Angle or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could have imagined.

The WWE and TNA Hall of Famer recently brought up a moment on Twitter from the August 30, 2001, episode of "Smackdown," in which he faced off against Booker T. Angle won the match, but not before Shane McMahon tried to interfere and steal a win for WCW. Luckily, the Brahma Bull ran in to aid his fellow WWE superstar and join the soon to be two-time world champion with some celebratory milk. As Angle revealed, the WWE locker room was unaware that "the milk was sitting in a hot room for days! It was sour as F**K and the milk curdled into a cottage cheese texture."

As you can see from the clip Angle shared, future box office mega star The Rock spat out the rancid milk before exiting the ring. Meanwhile, the Olympic Gold Medalist cracked open a few more to keep the celebration going.