Jungle Boy Names One His Favorite Matches From Jurassic Express' AEW Run

As one of AEW's Four Pillars, a lot is expected out of Jungle Boy's singles career as he continues to develop. However, for the first three years on the AEW roster, Jungle Boy was synonymous with his tag team work alongside Luchasaurus as Jurassic Express. After becoming one of the most successful tag teams in the company's young history, Luchasaurus recently reaffirmed his friendship with Jungle Boy in his heated rivalry with Christian Cage, but the days of the tandem challenging for the AEW Tag Team Championships are seemingly over.

When asked in an interview on Stevens Wrestling Journey about his favorite memories of teaming with Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy looked back fondly on their debut in AEW. "People just had such a great reaction to us being together," Jungle Boy said, talking about their AEW Fight For The Fallen 2019 match, "[We had] been working really hard to get signed, and we were finally there, and then to just have a great response to what we were doing was really cool."

Jungle Boy goes on to talk about how much winning the AEW Tag Team Championships from the Lucha Bros meant to him, though Fenix's injury did put a damper on the match in the end. However, Jungle Boy believes that he and Luchasaurus saved their best match for last, naming the ladder match against the Young Bucks at AEW Road Rager 2022 as one of their favorite matches throughout their run. "The Young Bucks are one of our favorite tag teams to watch," Jungle Boy said, "and it was really cool, after everything we've been through, to go out there ... and have this amazing match." Jungle Boy summed up his feelings about his time alongside Luchasaurus by saying, "It's been a cool ride."