Billy Corgan Regrets Letting Vince McMahon Purchase Famous Pro Wrestling Library So Easily

During a recent appearance on the "Ariel Helwani Show," NWA President Billy Corgan spoke about his regrets about not getting more involved in the sale of WCW. Vince McMahon's then-WWF acquired select WCW assets in March 2001, including intellectual property, some performers' contracts, and the promotion's video library.

"I do look back and wish I'd gotten a little more involved in the WCW sale," Corgan admitted. "If you remember, I think the McMahon's bought it for something like $4 million. I would have lost in any bidding war against the McMahons, of course, but I would have been very interested in that if it was for sale for that cheap. I just didn't realize it was that cheap for sale. I do think it's a bit of a crime, and I say this gently, that WCW has never been revived. Vince McMahon didn't want it to happen or it would have happened. It's a shame for people who were WCW fans because they never got to have that other moment. I do regret that because I was a fan of that product."

WWF's acquisition of its main rival promotion set the stage for the Invasion storyline from the early 2000s, which saw plenty of former WCW performers taking on WWF stars, alongside wrestlers from ECW as part of the Alliance under Shane McMahon. The Invasion officially kicked off during a confrontation between Shane and Vince when Booker T entered the ring and delivered his finishing move, a scissor kick, to the elder McMahon.

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