Nikkita Lyons Denies Claims She Missed WWE SmackDown Due To Covid Vaccination Status

Despite being originally planned to compete on "WWE SmackDown" last week as part of the Women's Tag Team Championship tournament, Nikkita Lyons wasn't involved, and she has shot down rumors that it was to do with her Covid-19 vaccination status. While it is unknown officially whether or not she has been vaccinated, fans were speculating that she wasn't, claiming it is why WWE pulled her from the show as it took place in Canada, where vaccination is required. 

The "WWE NXT" star opted to respond to one fan on Twitter, refuting that claim by saying, "Yes, it didn't have anything to do with the vaccine. One day I may do a live on ig or something and share. I hope you have a blessed night."

Originally, Lyons was set to team up with Zoey Stark to take on Natalya and Sony Deville, but they were replaced by fellow "WWE NXT" Superstars and Toxic Attraction members, Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin, who were previously the "WWE NXT" Tag Team Champions, and they were successful in progressing to the next round. 

It was revealed that Lyons was "medically unavailable," although no details were provided on what they were exactly. Meanwhile, Stark was reportedly injured during her "NXT" Women's Championship match against Mandy Rose at NXT Heatwave, and Shawn Michaels did reveal that she was hurt and unable to compete.