Eddie Kingston Hated All His Matches With Top AEW Star

Eddie Kingston is one of AEW's most popular wrestlers. He's also one of the most outspoken members of the roster and fans can always count on him to make his views known. Whether he's cutting raw promos on television or blasting CM Punk on social media, Kingston's work walks a fine line between real life and kayfabe. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that he admitted to hating his recent matches with Chris Jericho.

"I hated them all. I hated every single one of them because I don't like any of my work, and I don't like Chris," he said during his recent appearance on the Under the Ring podcast.

The 40-year-old described being in the ring with Jericho as "a headache" that lasted for months. However, their rivalry was a learning experience for Kingston, as he felt that he got to witness Jericho's true colors first-hand.

"I learned what it was to be a snake backstage like Chris. I learned how to avoid people like Chris and his group. So, I did learn from him, but it was seven months of my life that I can't have back."

Kingston and Jericho have crossed paths in singles competition more than once in 2022. Their first bout at "AEW Revolution" saw Kingston pick up the victory on the night. Meanwhile, their Barbed Wire Everywhere match on the July 20 edition of "AEW Dynamite" resulted in Jericho stealing the win — and walking out of the arena with a broken nose.

During the interview with Under the Ring, Kingston said that he and Jericho's story probably isn't over yet. While he's happy to have it in the rearview mirror, for now, he suspects that his rival will make him mad again down the line.