Eddie Kingston Blasts CM Punk For Insulting Him On AEW Dynamite

As fans have likely figured out by now, there is no love lost between AEW stars CM Punk and Eddie Kingston. That was made apparent last night, when Punk insulted Kingston during the opening moments of "AEW Dynamite." Punk claimed Kingston was the third best Eddie he had been in the ring with, behind Eddie Guerrero and "Fast" Eddie Vegas, and the second best Kingston he had shared a locker room with, behind Punk's former tag partner and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

It will shock no one to know that Kingston didn't take Punk's comments lying down, tweeting out some thoughts about the AEW World Champion's promo shortly after it concluded.

"Of course the c*** says s**t when I'm not there," Kingston tweeted.

Many will recall that Punk and Kingston first collided in AEW last November at AEW Full Gear, where Punk emerged victorious after a vicious fight. Despite not wrestling each other since then, the two have continued to trade barbs on TV and social media, hinting that their beef is far from over. Kingston was present at ringside last week when Punk returned to AEW after months off due to injury, and some fans speculated that Kingston was the man who threw the ring bell into the ring during the stare down between Jon Moxley and Punk.

For now though, both men are on different paths, with Punk scheduled to face Moxley in an AEW World Championship unification match next week on "Dynamite." Kingston, meanwhile, has his sights set on Jericho Appreciation Society member Sammy Guevara, having challenged Guevara to a match at AEW All Out on September 4.