Eddie Kingston Thinks CM Punk's Positive Attitude "Is All An Act"

It wasn't too long ago that Eddie Kingston was duking it out with CM Punk, coming up short against Punk at AEW Full Gear. In an interview with the WrestleTalk podcast, Eddie Kingston was asked if a more positive relationship had with Punk now. According to Kingston, the answer is no.

"There is none," Kingston said. "You know what I mean? Just because we had a match against each other, here's the thing. I'm not one of those guys that has a match with somebody and then goes on Twitter and say 'hey bud, thanks.' Or I'm not that guy that's gonna, not even a minute after we fought each other, you're trying to shake my hand. Get out of here. Get out of here. You either just beat me or I just beat you. Get out of here. I don't want to, give me a minute to breathe. You know what I mean?

"But Punk, no, we don't like each other. We don't. Because I, personally feel, and he knows this. Because I say it in the back and I say it, I'm also a little bit of an instigating pr-ck. You know what I mean? I'll talk sh-t about Punk around certain people who I know will run to him."

Eddie Kingston continued to rail against Punk, questioning whether the Punk fans are currently seeing on AEW TV is just an act. Following Punk's loss to MJF, Kingston is excited to see how Punk will react.

"I don't think what he's doing right now is him," Kingston said. "I think this is all an act. You know what I mean? I look at him in the eyes, it's all an act. Him hugging Darby, telling Darby 'hey man, I'm going to help you.' He don't care. He's doing that because Darby's hot, you know what I mean?

"Let's see how he reacts now after Wednesday. Let's see how he reacts now in the locker room. Let's see, this is the first time he's had to deal with a setback, let's see how he acts. This is going to be cute. I can't wait. I'm going to be there with popcorn."

You can watch the full interview below.

Please provide an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription