Medical Update On Savio Vega

Though he is now well into his 50s, former WWE star and Puerto Rican wrestling legend Savio Vega has remained an active wrestler on his home island and for American promotions like MLW. Whether he'll remain as active or be forced to slow down after a recent health scare, however, is unknown.

On Sunday morning, IWA Puerto Rico, which Vega co-owns and operates, tweeted out a startling announcement regarding Vega's health, while also posting a photo of the 37 year veteran in a hospital bed.

"Yesterday, Saturday, Savio Vega had to be transferred to a hospital in an emergency," IWA tweeted. "He is still under treatment. He needs to rest to recover as soon as possible. He has his phone at hand to communicate only with his relatives. We request space. Thanks."

IWA Puerto Rico didn't not divulge what health issue caused Vega to be taken to the hospital. Later in the afternoon, they would post a follow-up tweet, along with another photo of Vega.

"In an update for our fans, Puerto Rican Major Savio Vega is still in the hospital and undergoing a series of treatments," the tweet said. "We wish him a speedy recovery."

Vega's hosptalization comes nearly a month after his last match, where he and Invader #1, best known as the man who stabbed Bruiser Brody in July 1989, defeated Jay Blake & Nick Mercer to win the IWA Tag Team Championships. His most recent appearance in the United States was at MLW's Battle Riot IV event on June 23. The event has yet to air.