Victoria Reveals Move Bayley Recently Asked Permission To Use

Though she enjoyed a prosperous 19-year career in pro wrestling, one could argue that Lisa Marie Varon, aka Victoria, achieved her greatest success during the mid 2000s, between her time in WWE and in TNA/Impact Wrestling, where she wrestled as Tara. And even though women's wrestling was still working its way back toward the position it holds now in American wrestling, Victoria's run still managed to have an impact on many future stars, including WWE's Bayley.

In an interview with "Alyx's World," Victoria explained her close connection with Bayley and disclosed a recent interaction with the WWE star that led to Bayley using one of Victoria's more famous moves.

"I met Bayley twice when she was a little girl, in line as an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old, saying 'I'm gonna be a Diva,'" Victoria said. "You know how many times we hear that from fans? ... They have no idea how hard it is to get in the business and how you sacrifice and are away from your family. They think it's a piece of cake.

"She was such a big fan of mine. She actually texted me the other day. 'Hey, do you mind if I take your spinning Sidewalk Slam?' And I go 'The Spider-Web? I'd be honored. I'd be so honored.' I go 'I told you I'm shocked that no one's taken that move. Please take it. My gosh.' I wouldn't be offended if anybody took [my finishing move] the Widow's Peak. I'm not in the business anymore. It's an homage to me, because they watched me. But Bayley is one that is just so kind and giving."

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