Bully Ray Trashes Nick Gage And GCW

Earlier this Summer, Conrad Thompson's Ric Flair's Last Match event saw performers from various indie promotions come together to put on a memorable show leading up to Flar's final bout, where he teamed with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to face Jay Lethal and WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. One of the matches early on in the show, The Bunkhouse Battle Royal, was ultimately won by a GCW star, Mance Warner, after lastly eliminating in-ring veteran Bully Ray. It appears Ray hasn't simmered down much since having to work with GCW and take the loss.

"Oh my God, please. Please! Awful ... You had the CZW garbage bag wrestlers; you have the GCW garbage bag wrestlers all trying to ride the coattails or capture some of the glory of what ECW created back in the day," Ray told NBC Sports Boston. Your company will never be ECW; your wrestlers will never be ECW wrestlers. Please, stop. Do something different. And here's the thing, these companies like GCW, they have no backbone because they stay away from the guys they know can truly expose them."

Ray then singled out one of GCW's biggest signature stars: Nick Gage, claiming he knows the reason Gage didn't compete in the Bunkhouse Battle Royal match. "Nick Gage had the balls to show up at Starrcast with all the GCW guys? Mind you, I eliminated every single one of them. Yeah, Mance Warner got the best of me at the end of the day; good job, Mance, but I eliminated every GCW guy. You saw Nick Gage come to the battle royal. You see Nick Gage get in the Battle Royal with me? Why not? Because he's a pu**y. If Nick Gage truly wanted a piece of me, he would have been in the ring."