Gangrel Recalls Gimmick That Edge Politicked For Backstage At WWE

Edge is a multi-time WWE Champion, a WWE Hall of Famer, and bonafide legend, and according to Gangrel, Edge almost kept himself pigeonholed. Gangrel spoke with Busted Open Radio on Monday to discuss his days with the Rated-R Superstar. "They were all for Edge," Gangrel said of the WWE office. "I know I talked to Terry Taylor a lot and he was very pro Edge, a lot of the office was pro Edge." 

Gangrel said that while he politicked for The Brood, Edge also politicked to keep the group together. "He thought it could go a bit longer." Gangrel thinks that WWE officials were right to split up the group. "I've spoken to him about this before, when we're at conventions, what do people bring up to you and he says 'The Brood' and I said 'you know it was only 8 months?'" The vampire felt that Edge and Christian could've been trapped if the group had stayed together, "[Edge] would've just been The Brood when [he] were supposed to be a superstar, you know?"

Gangrel says Edge was sad when The Brood broke up. "If it had went on any longer it would've consumed both of their careers and made it that much harder to break out." Edge recently had to strike back out on his own, after his own Brood-like faction The Judgment Day kicked him out of the group in June. Edge stayed away from television after the attack, returning at SummerSlam to help Rey & Dominik Mysterio defeat Judgment Day.