Eddie Kingston Confirms Why He Stopped Doing AEW Dark Elevation Commentary

Eddie Kingston can talk under any circumstances, but he won't be doing it on commentary again any time soon.

"I had fun man," the AEW star told "Under The Ring" recently, referring to his time on the commentary team for "AEW Dark: Elevation." "I had a blast doing it because I've done it before out on the independents. Doing it at AEW is a different level." 

Kingston's near-regular stint on commentary lasted from July to December 2021, but fell to the wayside once he started getting more to do in the ring. "I got busy with Chris Jericho," Kingston said, noting that the long feud with the former WWE Champion "took seven months of [his] life away." 

"I wasn't in the mood to do commentary at that point," Kingston continued. "I don't know when I'll go back, really all depends on my mood. Tony Khan gives me a little bit of leeway with 'Hey Eddie, we would like for you to do it' and I'm like 'I can't,' because I have to fight this person or that person. When I have a minute to breathe I'll probably go on." Kingston also did commentary for six episodes of "AEW Dynamite" back in 2020.

It wasn't just the Under The Ropes host that enjoyed Kingston on commentary. According to Kingston, his own father was a big fan of his rapport with fellow New Yorker Taz, telling Kingston "It sounded like you guys were just on the corner."

Kingston has not done commentary since the April 19th edition of "AEW Dark." His feud with Jericho has seemingly come to a close, losing a Barbed Wire Everywhere match against the Jericho Appreciation Society leader in July — in the same interview, Kingston said that he hated all of his matches with the Fozzy frontman.