Kevin Owens Is Going Back To His Roots With New WWE Merchandise

After last week's episode of "WWE SmackDown" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, "Raw" star, Kevin Owens made a special home province appearance alongside his friend Sami Zayn. Interestingly enough though, Owens wasn't sporting his usual red, white, and black gear we're used to seeing. Instead, Owens seemed to be sporting gear similar, if not exactly like his old gear. Now we know for certain that it's brand new.

"Back to the roots..." said Owens on Twitter, while posting his new merch. The merch in question is a new shirt and hoodie for Owens. They feature the similar duct tape-styled "K.O." initials he wore back in his time in "NXT," with the phrase "Just Keep Fighting" featured on the back. Not only has Owens gone back to the roots of his old gear, but he has seemingly gone back to the same mannerisms of his old "Prizefighter" gimmick. 

Two weeks ago on "Raw," Owens faced off against Elias' younger brother, Ezekiel. Owens viciously attacked Ezekiel, giving him one of Owens' classic apron powerbombs. We haven't seen this from Owens since his earlier years in WWE. One of the more notable times he dealt it out is when he gave Sami Zayn one following Zayn's "NXT" Championship win at "NXT" Takeover R Evolution.

Last week on "Raw," Owens took on Drew McIntyre. Though the match didn't have a clear winner. Owens was disqualified after the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos attacked McIntyre.