Matt Cardona Wants Match With A WWE Hall Of Famer

After the two men went back and forth online yesterday, Matt Cardona has Tweeted that he is interested in a match with WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray, stating, "There's gotta be a promoter out there who would book Cardona vs. @bullyray5150... Better have a big budget though........."

The situation originally began during a recent interview Bully conducted with NBC Sports Boston where he took a shot at Cardona for being injured and not competing at NWA's Alwayz Ready, making it clear that he believes the former Intercontinental Champion is ducking him.

Cardona saw the interview and jokingly tweeted, "Come on @bullyray5150...everyone knows I'm an ECW ORIGINAL!" Referencing his time in WWE's version of the extreme brand, to which Bully responded by saying, "You wouldn't have lasted a day in ECW '94-'99." 

That wasn't the end of their online argument though as Cardona fired back by tweeting, "Lol ok Bully. You wouldn't last a day in any promotion in 2022." With Cardona then teasing the idea of a match between them it is clear that he wants to face the former TNA Heavyweight Champion, however Cardona is still injured and has not competed in a match since GCW's Cage Of Survival back in June. 

Bully took the time to take a shot at GCW during the same interview, making it clear that he thinks the "company will never be ECW; your wrestlers will never be ECW wrestlers. Please, stop. Do something different."