Renee Paquette Defends WWE Performer She Feels Fans Have Crapped On For Years

Michael Cole has been with WWE for about 25 years, acting in different roles such as a backstage interviewer, onscreen commentator (both as a face and a heel), backstage producer, and is even undefeated at WrestleMania. However, WWE fans haven't always had praise for Cole, complaining about him on commentary.

"Michael Cole doing his sh*t on commentary and being just as good as he actually is," former WWE interviewer Renee Paquette said on "The Sessions with Renee Paquette." "People have literally crapped on [Michael Cole] for years ... Shut up. You guys don't even know how good he is ... That dude is in a pressure cooker every single show and he takes the brunt of it. Now, to see him like, actually just show his talent and get to like, show his love of professional wrestling and the fact that he's been in the business for 25-plus years and the depth of knowledge he has of professional wrestling, it's awesome. It makes me really happy to see him get to breathe and do his thing."

Paquette has done commentary alongside Cole before, as she became the first full-time female commentator in company history in 2018. Cole has been the voice of "Raw" and is currently on the "SmackDown" commentary team alongside Pat McAfee, who wrestles once and a while, most recently at SummerSlam. Cole has stated that McAfee has helped bring back a passion that he had been lacking. Now with Vince McMahon gone following his scandalous retirement, Cole does not have him in his ear anymore yelling at him while he is doing commentary.

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