One WWE Department Has Reportedly Seen 'A Major Positive Change' Under New Management

WWE has wasted no time in initiating changes following Vince McMahon's retirement. This has been particularly noticeable in the creative direction of the company's flagship shows, "Raw and SmackDown," under Triple H. It's been reported that the Head of Creative and Talent Relations has placed fewer restrictions on the talent, resulting in a product that feels less micromanaged.

These changes have reportedly been felt by WWE's production department as well. According to PWInsider, the backstage environment has been much more relaxed and productive in the wake of McMahon's departure as no one is yelling in the ears of the announcers, camera operators, producers, and directors. In fact, the current situation has been described as "massively night and day" compared to the previous regime. 

The report also highlights that employees have been happy about going to work these days, and they feel more comfortable about communicating with their co-workers. In the past, the production staff reportedly felt as if they were always "walking on eggshells" during show days, but the current environment is more hopeful. Furthermore, it's been noted that the staff members have been discussing ideas and contributing to the creative process, which has allowed them to take more pride in their work.

Several current and former WWE talents have discussed McMahon's propensity for screaming down their headsets during live shows. Recently, Renee Paquette, who previously worked as a WWE commentator and on-air pundit, revealed that she had to force herself to keep smiling at the camera while McMahon was screaming through her headset on live television.