Jake Roberts Contemplates How A Potential Mind Games Battle Against Bray Wyatt And Raven Would Play Out

Jake Roberts has no doubt about his mental faculties, and he'd back that up if it came to it. On a recent episode of "DDP Snake Pit" Roberts took part in a Q&A and was asked who would win in a "battle of the minds" between himself, former ECW Champion Raven, and former WWE Champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, and Roberts didn't hesitant.

"I would. No question." Roberts said confidently. "Here's the thing man, I've been on the road since eternity. Since they invented water, I was there when that happened. I've got a lot of ammunition that you've never seen. And now I can remember it! I'm sober."

Roberts has maintained his sobriety since 2012, thanks to help from friend and co-host DDP. "You couldn't beat a messed-up Jake, what are you going to do with a sober one?" he asked.

While Jake thinks he could've beaten the other two men soundly, Roberts also called Wyatt and Raven "great guys" and said the three could've gotten maximum response from minimal physicality. "We would've rocked the world, brother, and never had to lock up. Just look at each other."

Like Roberts, Raven is also in the podcasting game, hosting "The Raven Effect," while Bray Wyatt has been conspicuously absent from the wrestling world. Released from WWE in July, Wyatt has been cryptic on social media, while seemingly maintaining distance from the business. Despite this, speculation has been running rampant about Wyatt's potential return to wrestling, specifically to WWE, particularly now that Vince McMahon has resigned and "NXT" founder Paul "Triple H" Levesque is running creative.