Johnny Gargano Makes Public Request To WWE

After over six months away from the squared circle, former "NXT" Champion Johnny Gargano made his return to WWE during last night's episode of "Raw." As soon as his signature "Rebel Heart" song hit the arena's speakers, the crowd went wild, dishing out a "Johnny Wrestling!" chant to welcome him back. The punk/pop, female-led song is something Gargano always wanted to bring back to the company because "that's the pure Johnny Wrestling at his core," Gargano previously told ComicBook.

Fans are clamoring to add it to their playlists but might have hit a roadblock when searching for the song on specific music distribution platforms. Not to fret — Gargano isn't leaving his fanbase hanging, writing to WWE on Twitter, "Let's get it back on Spotify and Apple Music for all the kind folks out there!" In a previous Twitch stream conducted by Gargano, the "NXT" Triple-Crown Champion revealed how much of an influence he had on the production of his beloved theme music (via Fightful).

"For Rebel Heart, I specifically requested a female singer because I feel like a lot of guys just never had female singers. I know Christian did. I was a big fan of that ... Then I sent them another few songs to kind of go off of there. A lot of people don't realize that I sent them Time to Dance by Panic at the Disco. You can kind of hear a little bit of Rebel Heart in that." Following his return, Gargano's former stablemate from The Way, Theory, confronted him, stating he had outshone Gargano on the main roster already, but received a superkick for his actions.