Kevin Owens Settles On Tag Team Name For Himself And R-Truth

After wrapping up a series of recent WWE shows in Canada, Kevin Owens appears to have found himself an unlikely travel buddy in the form of R-Truth. 

Last night, Owens posted a video on Twitter of himself and R-Truth driving in a car, in which the former 24/7 Champion disclosed that he had been given a ride by the Canadian-born wrestler. Along with the short video, Owens penned his thanks to the "unbelievable crowds" that he had performed in front of in Canada over the weekend and even heaped praise on Chad Gable, who he faced this past Monday night on "WWE Raw" in Toronto. One response from WWE host Matt Camp appeared to grab Owens' attention, however, as it came with a suggestion of a tag team name for the Owens and R-Truth pairing.

"I would like to see more of these two. Fight the Truth feels like the right name," Camp tweeted.

Owens later responded, "I would never Fight the Truth. I love Truth. Your suggestion makes no sense. Fight For Truth. There, way better. So close, yet so far, Matt."

Owens and R-Truth have rarely crossed paths in a WWE ring. Despite both men being with the company together for many, many years, the duo have only ever collided once one-on-one — a dark match before a "WWE Main Event" taping in 2015. The last time the duo competed in the same ring was the 2016 Royal Rumble match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that was won by Triple H.

While Fight For Truth is an intriguing name, it should be noted that Owens has recently been seen interacting in storylines surrounding his former Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor tag team partner, Sami Zayn.