John Morrison Gives His Candid Thoughts On John Laurinaitis

There have been many changes to WWE both on and off screen recently, with the biggest of those changes being Vince McMahon retiring and John Laurinaitis being released from his position as Head of Talent Relations. The retirement and release came following allegations of hush money being paid towards women they had sexual relations with in order to keep the women's silence (via Wall Street Journal). One former WWE Superstar who was released in the past year, John Morrison, discussed his honest thoughts on Laurinaitis and his behind-the-scenes activities.

"[Laurinaitis] didn't even say 'Best of luck in your future endeavors,'" Morrison said appearing on "NBC Sports Boston." "I thought he said that to people, but I didn't get that out of Laurinaitis. I wonder if someone said that to him." Morrison continued. "I didn't love him or hate him. I thought he had a very tough job. I didn't realize what he was doing behind-the-scenes and in retrospect, that's pretty messed up."

Morrison was released from WWE on November 18, 2021. Leading up to his release, the "Shaman of Sexy" revealed what led to him not wanting to be with WWE any longer. "[He and Miz] were going to feud, but he missed a couple of "Raws" before he left for "Dancing with the Stars," so that never happened," Morrison said. "After Taya was gone, I didn't want to be there anymore and when I heard I was being released, I was, I went through all the eight steps of grief, or however many, in 30 seconds." The wife of Morrison, Taya Valkyrie, known as Franky Monet in WWE, was released two weeks prior on November 4, 2021.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "NBC Sports Boston" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.