Match Made For All Out After Chris Jericho And Daniel Garcia Come Face-To-Face On AEW Dynamite

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. "The Lionheart" Chris Jericho is now confirmed for the AEW All Out pay-per-view on September 4.

The 8/24 episode of "AEW Dynamite" kicked off with face-to-face confrontation between Jericho and Daniel Garcia, a week after Jericho ambushed his fellow JAS stablemate for shaking hands with Bryan Danielson. Jericho demanded to know why Garcia stopped him from attacking Danielson after the classic 2/3 falls bout between Garcia and Danielson the previous week. Jericho would then try to convince Garcia that he's a "sports entertainer" while demanding an apology from his protégé.

Danielson then came out to the ring, asking Garcia not to endure Jericho's bullying. Eventually, a conflicted Garcia shoved Jericho and walked away.

After Garcia left, Jericho turned his attention to Danielson.

"You know what pisses me off, Danielson? The fact that people keep saying you're the best wrestler in the world," Jericho told Danielson. "Why is it that I've been around here for 15 years and have never seen it? Listen, if you want to talk about wrestling, I'm the last survivor of Stu Hart's dungeon. I remember every hold Stu Hart ever taught me, I'm Lionheart Chris Jericho and I know more about wrestling than you ever will."

In response, Danielson invoked the name of the late Owen Hart.

"Say if we were able to ask your mentor, Stu Hart, who's the better wrestler — what do you think he'll say?" Danielson asked Jericho. "If we were to ask your hero, Owen Hart, who's the better wrestler — Lionheart Chris Jericho or the American Dragon Bryan Danielson — who do you think he'd say?"

The segment ended with Danielson challenging Jericho to a match at All Out, which Jericho accepted.

The veteran wrestlers last had a singles match on the February 11, 2013 episode of "WWE RAW," where Jericho defeated Danielson (then Daniel Bryan) to qualify for that year's Elimination Chamber match. Since joining AEW, they were involved in the Anarchy In The Arena match at Double or Nothing earlier this year.

Prior to the match, Danielson will wrestle JAS member Jake Hager on next week's "AEW Dynamite."