AEW Star Seemingly Mocks CM Punk's Roundhouse Kick On Dynamite

Bobby Fish has taken severe issue with CM Punk's execution of a roundhouse kick.

Live-tweeting during the brief Punk vs. Jon Moxley AEW World Title Unification Match earlier this week, Fish made several remarks criticizing Punk's technique, and even went as far as to say that Punk should "leave the head kicks to the professionals."

Fish initially took issue with AEW announcers saying on commentary that Punk delivered "a high round kick to the head" when, in fact, Punk's kick landed flush on Moxley's shoulder/neck area. 

"Head kick?" Fish wrote on Twitter, before following up with several other remarks, as seen below.

"Excalibur: "...Round kick." 


"There truly is no surgery to correct that kick."

A little later, Fish also commented on a clip of Punk delivering a kick on a kicking pad during his days in WWE.

"This clip sets Muay Thai, kickboxing MMA and the act of "striking" in professional wrestling back 10 maybe 15 years," Fish wrote. "Proof be in the pudding, fight fans."

Fish wasn't done just yet. While sharing a video of himself training with fellow reDragon member Kyle O'Reilly, Fish asked Punk to "put the reps in private" instead of executing "some half a– [crap]" kicks on television.

"Watch the hip turn over," Fish wrote. "Rotation. If you don't have this yet STOP. It's not ready for public consumption. Put the reps in private. TV is not the place for some half a– 💩, homey!

Fish also shared his picture-perfect execution of a roundhouse kick on Nick Jackson of Young Bucks.

"Is it actually a head kick if I don't fall over throwing it?"

Punk had also faced ridicule from several fans for clutching his left foot to sell an injury, despite kicking Moxley with his right foot. However, some fans believe there was a logical reasoning to this, as Punk's left foot took all the body weight when he rotated awkwardly with the other foot.

As noted earlier, several reports have confirmed that Punk's injury is a work and he's expected to wrestle Moxley in a rematch at the All Out pay-per-view on September 4.

Fish is a trained kickboxer who briefly fought for MMA promotion Cage Wars in 2010. The veteran wrestler recently expressed interest in resuming his kickboxing career. He hasn't been seen on AEW TV since Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly & himself turned on the Young Bucks