Dakota Kai Comments On The Current Environment In WWE Under Triple H

WWE has been undergoing some major changes since Vince McMahon's retirement, and a big part of that has seen the company bring back several names who were previously released. This includes former "NXT" superstar Dakota Kai — who returned at WWE SummerSlam. Unlike before, these wrestlers are all working under new creative direction with Triple H being the man in charge, and while fans can see the distinct differences on television, only those on the roster know what it is like behind the scenes. 

"I can't really speak to what it was like before because I was in "NXT," but under Hunter in "NXT," it was very cool and very relaxed," Kai told "Today FM." "He took a lot of ideas on board creatively and he was very open to anything we had to offer." Triple H is someone who was heavily praised during his time in charge of the black and gold brand by those who he worked with, and now he is getting the chance to put his own stamp of approval on "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," both on camera and with the backstage atmosphere.

"The environment feels like that again under his control," she said. "It's a very positive environment right now and I'm loving the spontaneity of anything can happen — we haven't had that type of feeling in WWE for a while." Kai has been put into a stable alongside Bayley and the newly renamed IYO SKY since her return, and alongside the latter she has been competing in the Women's Tag Team Championship tournament, where they have reached the finals. The trio will also be in action as a complete unit for the first time next weekend at WWE's Clash At The Castle when they compete against Asuka, Bianca Belair, and Alexa Bliss.