IYO SKY Reveals Details Of Injury That Kept Her Out Of WWE Action

IO SKY was absent from WWE for a considerable amount of time earlier this year, and while we knew she was out with an injury, the details were previously undisclosed. However, in a new interview with Tokyo Sports, SKY provided some insight into what actually happened at "NXT's" Stand and Deliver event.

"I flew outside the arena with a moonsault, SKY said. "I broke my right ankle by crashing into the announcer's table and needed to undergo surgery. I'm thankful for being introduced to WWE's Alabama-based 'ankle doctor.' They had to put in one bolt to stabilize the bone. I couldn't put my weight on my right leg for about a month, and I even used crutches and a wheelchair. It was about three months before I could put my full weight on it."

When asked if she had some anxiety in the wake of the injury and subsequent recovery, SKY confirmed that "there was a lot," particularly due to her unique in-ring style.

"Because I'm a wrestler who runs and jumps a lot — and I lost a lot of muscle in my right leg — I generally wonder if my career would be okay," she said.

SKY seems to be firing on all cylinders after returning at WWE SummerSlam alongside Dakota Kai, who SKY wrestled on numerous occasions in "NXT," and Bayley, who was also returning from injury. Three weeks ago, SKY took on Bianca Belair in singles action on "WWE Raw" and this past Monday, she and Kai advanced in the WWE Women's Tag Team Title Tournament after defeating Asuka and Alexa Bliss. SKY said in the interview that she has overcome her pain.

"I've finally become the busiest hot girl across all brands," SKY said, "so please enjoy the big Iyo Sky explosion that is coming up!"