Bayley Reveals How Her New WWE Faction Came About

The new trio of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY made a massive and immediate impact on the WWE landscape when they returned at SummerSlam, quickly becoming the top female heels on the "Raw" brand. It was an alliance nobody would ever have suspected — particularly since Kai had been released from the company earlier in the year, while SKY's status was up in the air due to injury.

"Just everything with timing just worked out so well," Bayley said on a recent episode of the "After The Bell" podcast. "Obviously, you can't do this by yourself, you have to find the right people, and things in the company were changing so fast."

Bayley, however, had a plan in mind to have the right women in the right place.

"I didn't really get an answer for it to begin with before what happened with [Kai], and that was like really heartbreaking for me because I felt she was literally like the first one," Bayley said. "We had a really cool dynamic and our styles would work well together, our characters would work well together, and when she was let go I kind of gave up on it." However, when the guard changed, Bayley saw another window with someone she's known throughout the bulk of her career: Triple H.

"He helped me a lot in trying to figure out that vision," Bayely said. "I'm just so lucky it worked."

Bayley's Vision For The WWE Women's Division

"I just want to see it keep growing," Bayley continued, when asked about the future of the WWE women's division. "There's been time periods and matches that have taken it to the next level, and whether it's a little bit or whether it's a big change or opens one set of eyes or thousands of eyes, I think it kind of got to a point honestly where it got a little stagnant."

"Liv Morgan winning the championship, things like that was exciting," she continued. "I felt like there needed to be an outsider view of like, some sort of change."

Names like Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley developed themselves as main eventers in "NXT," but Bayley wanted some talent she perceived to have been overlooked and that's where Kai and SKY caught her attention.

"I wanted to bring girls that I thought that like, 'Okay, maybe they're just going to stay in NXT. Maybe they're just going to stay at the same level,' but there's certain things that I see, that I like that I'm like, 'She has something different about her that she can bring to the division that some people may not see.'"

The new faction is set to face Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka — all former "NXT" wrestlers, though Asuka is the only one of the three to have held "NXT" title gold — at Clash At The Castle in Cardiff.