Big Update On Relationship Between AEW And Warner Bros. Discovery

Ever since the Warner Brothers Discovery merger earlier in 2022, fans and reporters have speculated on what the deal could mean for the future of AEW on TBS and TNT. and if the conglomerate would still be interested in broadcasting pro wrestling. While there's still time before the two sides enter negotiations for another TV deal, a new report suggests that, on the whole, things between AEW and WBD are better than might have been expected.

Sources inside WBD who recently spoke to Fightful Select's Will Washington revealed that they felt AEW's current programming made "no negative waves," and that the promotion had held up their end of the deal in terms of ratings success.The conglomerate is also pleased with AEW's handling of cross-promotion with other WBD brands, specifically "House of the Dragon" and "Shark Week," and Fightful notes there is no adversarial relationship between the two sides, echoing comments AEW CEO Tony Khan has made in the past.. Sources also confirmed to Fightful that a recent internet rumor about "Dynamite" being cut to one hour was false.

As for a recent report from the Wresting Observer Newsletter suggesting that WBD had told AEW to tone down their language, AEW sources told Fightful that they believe the quote to the Observer was taken out of context from the recent talent meeting held before Wednesday's "Dynamite." The sources clarified that the point stressed at the meeting was that talent could get heat from either TBS or TNT if they "flew too close to the sun" regarding language. Ultimately, however, it was noted to Fightful that neither WBD network had issued an official edict about strong language on AEW programming, meaning that AEW fans can continue to keep hope alive that Chuck Taylor might one day get to say "s***" on live TV.