Tony Khan Discusses AEW Relationship With Warner Bros. Discovery

Since the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, many have questioned what this means for All Elite Wrestling given that it's televised on TBS and TNT, two networks that the merged company now owns.

AEW President Tony Khan recently revealed that Executives from the newly-merged WarnerBrothers Discovery would be in attendance at "AEW Dynamite" next week on June 1 at The Kia Forum Arena in Inglewood, California. Khan explained why this is good news for the company during a media call for this weekend's AEW Double or Nothing.

"Frankly, since the merger, there are other shows that haven't got that kind of reception and they aren't shows anymore, they're not on," Khan said. "We've gotten great feedback about how we're doing and not only are we continuing for a long time to go with TBS and TNT and Warner Brothers Discovery but they're throwing a party for us and hosting us. You really can't get more positive than the great feedback that we've gotten from Warner Brothers Discovery and I'm so excited about the partnership.

"It's really great for AEW that they've taken this kind of interest in us and it's all because of the hard work of the wrestlers and staff of AEW and also because of the great wrestling fans who support us on Wednesdays and Friday's and have given us this chance to not only survive but really thrive and grow going forward with this awesome partner Warner Brothers Discovery."

During the recent WarnerBros. Discovery upfront meetings where the merger was officially showcased, AEW received a slight mention and nobody from the company was at the event. Despite that, according to Khan, the relationship between the merged company and AEW couldn't be better.

"We've gotten great great great feedback that this is going to be a great relationship between AEW and WarnerBrothers Discovery," Khan mentioned. "Some of the top executives in all of Warner Brothers Discovery are coming to The Forum to attend AEW and hang out with us and get to know us and spend time with us, which I think is incredibly reassuring.

"To have top people at one of the greatest, now post-merger the largest creator of content in the world and one of the greatest entertainment properties in the world to want to host us and spend time with the wrestlers and staff of AEW and get to know us better, that's really really cool because they're incredibly busy."

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