AEW: Fight Forever Wins Major Award At Gamescom 2022

"AEW: Fight Forever" was in development for quite some time, but the upcoming video game is almost upon us. Earlier this month, AEW released some footage of the game and announced that it's available to pre-order. On top of that, "Fight Forever" was unveiled at Gamescom 2022, where it picked up a top prize.

"AEW: Fight Forever wins BEST Sports / Racing Game Award at @gamescom 2022! A massive thank you for the recognition and to our awesome fans for always supporting us!," AEW Games tweeted on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

Gamescom confirmed the news in a separate tweet, which also featured a video of Colt Cabana and Evil Uno trying to pick up a hammer before the latter accepted the award on behalf of the company. "We feel fantastic... We always wanted to make something that's fun and refreshing like our TV wrestling show. To us, [winning the award] means we are on the right path," The Dark Order member said.

Elsewhere, Kenny Omega — who's worked heavily on the game since its inception — took to Twitter and shared his elation regarding the news. According to the former AEW World Heavyweight Champion, the game's awards success is "[just] as valuable as any title belt to me."

Early reviews have also praised "Fight Forever," with IGN celebrating the game for its old-school sensibilities and similarities to "WWF No Mercy." The outlet described the gameplay as simple and effective, while also noting that it will appeal to gamers who desire an alternative to modern wrestling games.