AEW Releases First Look Footage Of Upcoming Fight Forever Video Game

The "AEW Fight Forever" video game news has been coming in more and more throughout the month of August, with trailer leaks, the launching of the game's official website, an official unveiling of the trailer at THQ Nordic's Digital Showcase, and other details. So it's only natural now that fans would be able to check out some gameplay for the upcoming game, and luckily, AEW stars Evil Uno and Colt Cabana were just the guys to provide it.

Earlier today on AEW Games' Twitch Channel, Uno and Cabana, who was making his first AEW appearance in months, introduced fans to the gameplay elements of "Fight Forever" while at the Gamescom 2022 trade fair in Cologne, Germany. Fans got to watch footage of gameplay from a match between AEW stars Adam Cole and Kenny Omega, as well as get a peak at tutorials voiced over by William Regal, and movesets. Uno, Cabana, and a THQ Nordic developer also confirmed other elements regarding "Fight Forever", such as roster members, a lengthy Career Mode, several mini-games that had previously been featured in the trailer, a creation suite, and other features. No timetable was given for the release of the game, with Uno declaring more updates on that front would be coming in the weeks and months ahead.

AEW isn't done with Gamescom however. The promotion will be holding exhibition matches at the trade fair from Thursday to Sunday, with the matches expected to air on THQ Nordic's Twitch channel. While no competitors have officially been announced, it's expected Uno, Cabana, Peter Avalon, and Angelico, all of whom have been spotted in Germany, will be in action.