Video: AEW Fight Forever Trailer Appears To Have Leaked Early

It's been a busy week for AEW Fight Forever news, with several features for the game being leaked yesterday on Amazon UK pre-order page and later confirmed today in a press release by AEW. But the news isn't stopping there, more footage of the game has apparently leaked earlier than expected.

On Wednesday morning, a Twitter user posted a video of what appeared to be an AEW Fight Forever gameplay trailer, claiming the trailer had been released early on XBox. The footage was posted shortly after in high quality by another Twitter user.

The trailer features AEW announcer Tony Schiavone being pulled into a hotel room by AEW star Dr. Britt Baker DMD, who convinces him to play the game with her on the XBox. Baker then welcomed fans to the reveal of AEW Fight Forever at the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase, indicating the trailer was supposed to be released then. The Showcase is scheduled for August 12; during AEW Games earlier on Wednesday, Evil Uno stated more information about the game would be revealed then.

The trailer then shifted towards gameplay as Baker played as herself, defeating Adam Cole in an intergender match. Baker and Schiavone would then confirm Fight Forever would feature a Career Mode and minigames, with the footage then being shown of a Penta Oscuro dance competition, wrestler baseball, and AEW wrestlers trying to collect Double or Nothing poker chips. The trailer concluded with Baker defeating Schiavone at the game, again, followed by her assisting a frustrated Schiavone in flipping a table over.

In addition to Career Mode and minigames, AEW Fight Forever will also feature at least nine different match types, including the Casino Battle Royale and Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, a creative suite where players can create wrestlers, move sets, entrances, and arenas, and several other features. The release date for the game is currently unknown, though it was rumored to be released in September.