Update On WWE Backstage Morale Following Vince McMahon's Retirement

Since the resignation of Vince McMahon this past July, WWE has reinvigorated its product in the eyes of many fans, and it appears that some wrestlers feel the same way. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently commented on the current morale in the company during an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, saying that it's high amongst many members of WWE's roster following the departure of McMahon.

Since the instillation of Paul "Triple H" Levesque as both the Head of Creative and the EVP of Talent Relations, Meltzer believes that many are starting to recognize the struggle it was working with McMahon in recent years. "It really hit me that Vince really was a hindrance." 

Meltzer also addressed how WWE employees currently feel regarding the change in atmosphere since Levesque took control. "People sort of speculated and everything but when you see the difference in the mood over there, I think it's a better product."

With recent reports that WWE's production team has also experienced a boost in morale, many talents backstage feeling positive about the new regime is not surprising. Meltzer does note that it isn't everyone in the company who feels this way, as some people who had good relationships with McMahon ahead of his departure are less enthusiastic about the change in management. However, it does seem that most are excited about the new direction. "A lot of the weird Vince-isms are gone that didn't need to be there." Meltzer concluded. "A lot of the weird stupidity is out the window."