Theory Reflects On His Time In The Way Following Johnny Gargano Attack

During his time in "NXT," Theory, then known as Austin Theory, was most notably part of a faction known as The Way. The faction had a family structure where Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae, who are married in real-life, acted as the "parents" to Indi Hartwell and Theory, and eventually as the in-laws of Dexter Lumis, who, in storyline, married Hartwell.

"We literally all showed up every time we had something to do and it was just a great time," Theory said on the "Under The Ring" podcast. "It was just kind of like a collaboration on just everything ... We kind of just really did feel like a family, you know?

Theory has found major success this past year since moving to the main roster, becoming the youngest United States Champion and youngest Mr. Money In The Bank in history, while Gargano took some time away from WWE before returning to the company on last week's "WWE Raw," superkicking Theory in the process.

"Somebody who, you know, you thought stood next to you, somebody you thought would support you, you know, after everything you did for them, and to literally manipulate me with something we did as, pretty much as father and son would, the no-look high five, and then he faked me out and kicked me right in the face," Theory said. "He's pretty much already written the way his Monday Night Raw journey is going to go ... it's not going to be at my expense."

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