Eric Bischoff Believes A Pattern With Tony Khan And AEW Talent Is Emerging

It's common knowledge at this point that Eric Bischoff is not afraid to speak his mind about AEW. Whether it's a positive review like praising MJF's "pipebomb" promo when he begged Tony Khan to fire him or a negative review like calling CM Punk the "biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling," Bischoff dishes his opinion out without remorse. And now that AEW has passed the three-and-a-half-year mark, Bischoff took some time to reflect on how the last six months have been going for the company. 

"Cody Rhodes – pretty integral part of AEW, pretty valuable asset within AEW. For whatever reason, he's no longer there ... It's none of my business, but just look at the pattern, man, step back and look at fact patterns," Bischoff said on the latest "83 Weeks." Tony Khan – Cody Rhodes couldn't see eye-to-eye; Cody's gone." Rhodes of course left AEW to return to WWE, but is now on the injured list.

Bischoff then mentioned how the current story with MJF hasn't shown any signs of continuation, so that may be another instance where the relationship between a top AEW star and AEW management fell apart. "The MJF situation, which is still inexplicable to me, and I still keep hoping that this is all going to lead to something fun and interesting, but ... the more time that goes by, the less effective an MJF storyline is going to be, in my opinion. I'm not saying it won't be/it couldn't be successful, and there's ways to make it great, but I haven't seen anything happen in AEW creatively that makes me think that somebody is really thinking ahead strategically and creatively." Bischoff would also bring up recent reports about Thunder Rosa acting unprofessional backstage in AEW. "I mean, for a guy who wasn't going to make the same mistakes WCW made, he's compounding them," Bischoff said.