John Morrison Confirms Scrapped WWE Plans For His Drip Stick

Former WWE star John Morrison said the promotion was close to altering his entrance to include the use of drip sticks, however, that idea was eventually shot down. During a recent interview with Steve Fall of "NBC Sports Boston," the former WWE star talked about the short-lived drip-stick gimmick that was introduced on "Raw" in 2021. Morrison explained that Vince McMahon saw the potential in selling drip sticks, but utilizing them during his ring entrances would lead to the arena being soaked every time.

"First of all, I wrote, 'I'm gonna moisten someone up with my drip stick,' you know, in a promo as it's kind of a joke," Morrison said. "So Vince reads that and goes like, 'Drip stick? We're gonna make a fortune on these drip sticks.' He loves it. I wanted to have my entrance and then stand in the turnbuckle and everyone shoot me with the drip sticks. It was going in that direction until people realized the arena then would be soaking wet and the water would be everywhere. And then [Vince] decided we can't sell drip sticks. It was so close, but I think that would have put it over the top."

WWE even went as far as filing a trademark for "Drip Stick" after Morrison introduced the prop. Despite it not becoming an official piece of merchandise or the focal point of his entrance, he did take on the moniker "Johnny Drip-Drip" before the storyline peaked at "SummerSlam" 2021. During that event, Morrison saw his own weapon used against him as Xavier Woods introduced the "Drip-Stick 2000" to run off "Johnny Drip-Drip" and his tag team partner The Miz. 

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "NBC Sports Boston" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.