Christopher Daniels Comments On Recent Reports Of Backstage Issues In AEW

"Upwards and onwards." That's what Christopher Daniels says about AEW's current direction. When asked about the rumors of backstage turmoil in All Elite Wrestling, the former Ring of Honor World Champion thinks that fans are only getting one perspective.

"They just see what they see from the outside," Daniels told "Headlock," "but everything's going fine in AEW." 

Daniels refers to the promotions of Tony Schiavone, Pat Buck, QT Marshall and Sanjay Dutt to Talent Relations positions as "tightening the ship and trying to get everything in a good place," which does seem to suggest that there are, in fact issues, that need to be addressed.

"We've got a great successful television show," Daniels continued, "Dynamite is doing very well for TBS, Rampage is doing very well for TNT, and hopefully the international fans are enjoying it as well."

Rumors of backstage issues have been plaguing the company as of late. AEW President Tony Khan recently held a backstage meeting that included the previously mentioned Talent Relations team, as well as legal counsel Megha Parekh and Kenny Omega, all attempting to rally the roster, though reports suggest responses to the meeting were mixed. Buck reportedly made it clear to the locker room that the new system in place at AEW would likely mean talent relying more on talent relations staff, coaches, and producers, as opposed to dealing with Khan directly.

While the locker room issues have been bubbling, AEW is reportedly in good standing with Warner Bros Discovery, who run TNT and TBS, despite turmoil occurring during the company's recent merger.